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Mobile design

16-Dec-2011, Ant

We have been doing a lot of work on mobile web design lately.  Actually it isn't mobile design as such but rather catering for a wide variety of devices and computers with the one design from the large desktop screens to your mobile phones.


The technique is called responsive design and basically allows for the layout and behaviour to change depending on the device or computer the visitor is using.  The end result is the content being tailored for different devices for ease of use rather than a one size fits all and too bad those who feel like they are on a web based obstacle course.


Mobile phones, ipads, + whatever is coming next are thought to take over desktops and laptops in terms of internet traffic in the near future.   Web sites need to be allow for this and deliver light fast content that is useable on these devices.


We will bring this tailored mobile design to all websites going forward.  Exciting times!