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Standing at office desk good for a change + might be very good for health

04-Sep-2011, Ant

I have seen a few articles recently about the health risks of sitting still in office jobs.





Of particular suprise was that even doing 30 mins exercise each day does not combat the risks as they are due to the complete inactivity of the lower half of the body for long periods.


I have been standing at work for 2 years now I started one day when I thought I would give it a go and put my chair on desk and laptop on chair.  I have been standing ever since. (with a more sophisticated setup)

I don't think standing 100% of the time would be for everyone but I think a mix is would work, something like standing / swiss ball (engages balance while sitting) / chair etc. 


Here is a good article on LinkedIn about how the standing trend is taking off.




Give it a crack, mix it up!